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At the Cavalry Club, our rich history traces back to 1904, born from the response to the Spanish American War as the mounted Cavalry Troop. Renamed to the Troop Farm and later becoming the Cavalry Veterans of Syracuse, Inc. in 1946, we cherish our heritage. Since 1965, we've expanded, boasting a nationally recognized premier golf course and pool facilities. Our clubhouse and dinner club offers scenic views and space for any social events. Our mission: a sanctuary for camaraderie, recreation, and excellence, preserving our legacy while embracing innovation and dedication to our members and community.




Over the course of 120 years since our club's founding, our logo has only changed a few times, each iteration reflecting the evolving identity of our establishment. Initially established as a cavalry training facility and later evolving into a social club welcoming veterans and kindred spirits, our logo has evolved alongside our mission. Paying tribute to a pivotal event in Cavalry history, our logo incorporates design elements inspired by the shape of the Rio Grande, while also symbolizing the essence of our golf course as it gradually evolved over time.




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