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Designed by nationally recognized Golf Course Architects, Joe Lee and Dick Wilson, the Cavalry Golf Club opened to instant acclaim on June 26, 1965.  In place of the old horse barns, stood a sparkling new club house and nestled in the sweeping curve of Limestone Creek, a showcase golf course now stood - a place where, at one time, the troopers and their mounts had prepared to go to war.  Enlightened leadership, spearheaded by old troopers from Company C, played a key role in this development, as has the active participation of the associate membership.

Our 18 hole golf course, carved into the rolling countryside of Manlius, NY,  has flourished from it's orgin and our prestige has grown over the year's creating one of the most respected country clubs in New York State with modern facilities, beautiful surroundings and loyal membership.  But let us never forget our roots - the citizen soldiers of the past 100 years who provided us with this heritage.  Our fathers were a special group of men and the success of the Cavalry Club will always be an honor to their memory!