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Cavalry Club Green Committee – Winter Update – 2024

Our membership will be proud to know that the outstanding momentum we gained at the end of last season under the leadership of Superintendent Jeff Moesch has continued through the late fall and into winter.
Last week, our golf course architect, David Ferris (SFGD), visited the club to meet with our new leadership team and discuss this winter’s ongoing improvements as well as updates to our Master Plan. As many of you know from attending our kickoff presentation on September 30, 2021 in the Banquet Room, Dave was hired to complete our Master Plan and that effort set forth the vision and guiding light for improvements to our 1965 Dick Wilson designed course.

The 2022 bunker, tee and greenside turf renovation project was completed consistent with this plan and in 2023, we continued with new tee construction and turf restoration work. This winter realizes the full potential of the plan as we finish the remaining forward tees, construct the practice range bunker, and bring hole #6 closer to the goal of moving the fairway creekside. Spring of 2024 will see the conclusion of recent construction activities and a shift in focus to maintenance and long-term resilience of the golf course.

Other improvements the team has been working on include practice range irrigation system improvements, extending the range turf southward adding additional tee stations, improved range targets, and improved fairway yardage markers on the course.
Another aspect of the master plan is to integrate native fescue areas that will enhance aesthetics around the golf course. Framing green complexes and visually defining holes, these areas will complement the original design by Wilson and his assistant Joe Lee. For example, the hillside behind left greenside bunker on #10, the hillside behind #16 green (visible from #17 lower tee), between #3 and #6 to attractively separate holes with a safety buffer, and other areas like between hole #1 and #9 will sustainably remove non-golf areas from mowing/fertilizer/pesticide regimen, saving valuable maintenance time and money.

The Cavalry Club “Members Only” website is being updated to include a digital copy of the updated Master Plan and can be found by navigating to Golf -> Golf Master Plan. These will also be printed, framed and visible in the Pro Shop and Locker Room areas of the clubhouse.
Items we remain focused on and are in the planning stages include a short game practice area, long term green health (soil profile and drainage), pond dredging, improved course drainage and storm resiliency, and cart paths.

Below are some photos that detail some of the ongoing winter work with some descriptive captions. The Green Committee will meet in early March and continue to coordinate with the Golf Committee, our General Manager and Board for a successful upcoming season.
For those of you that are not aware, please follow Superintendent Moesch’s Instagram page where he provides regular updates on what his team are up to throughout the year:
Respectfully Submitted,
Matt Marko, Chair, Green Committee

Calvary Club Improvement Plan 02-12-24