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Club House & Golf Course Rules




  1. Sign-In Requirement: All individuals, including both members and guests, must sign in at the Pro Shop before playing golf.

  2. Course Closure Notification: The flags on holes #9 and #18 will be removed to indicate the closure of the golf course, including the putting green.

  3. Course Closure Authority: The Golf Superintendent and/or the Golf Pro have the authority to close or reopen the course and to restrict the use of carts whenever they deem necessary. Absolutely no play is permitted when the course is closed.

  4. Golf Cart Regulations:

    • No one may operate a powered golf cart without a valid automobile operator's license.

    • Drivers of motorized golf carts must adhere to all cart signs on the course.

    • Golfers should drive on cart paths or in the rough when there are no signs. They should cross the fairway at a right angle (90°), hit their shot, and exit the fairway on the same 90° line. Ropes and other markings must be observed.

    • Powered carts are prohibited from crossing Troop K Road for any reason.

    • Children under the age of 7 are not permitted on golf carts at any time.

    • Driving carts must maintain a distance of at least 10 paces from tees and greens. Walking carts are not allowed between bunkers and greens, between water hazards, or on the fringe of greens.

  5. Tee and Starting Regulations:

    • Players may not start on the 10th tee without permission from the Pro on duty.

    • Parents with young golfers must yield to adult golfers.

    • When a starter is present, players must provide him with the names of all players in their group, all of whom must be on the premises. The starter will then establish the starting order.

  6. Rangers and Course Pace:

    • Rangers are present on the course to assist in maintaining the pace of play. Players are expected to cooperate with and follow their instructions.

  7. Footwear Policy:

    • Golf shoes with metal spikes are not allowed upstairs in the Clubhouse. Soft spiked shoes and shoes with rubber cleats are permitted provided the soles are clean.

    • No push/pull carts are permitted in the locker room. They are allowed in the bag storage area.

  8. Clubhouse Towel Policy: Removal of bath towels from the Clubhouse is strictly prohibited.


These rules ensure the safety, enjoyment, and smooth operation of our golf course and clubhouse facilities. Thank you for your cooperation.