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Golf Course Etiquette

  1. All golf play shall be governed by the rules of the United States Golf Association.
  2. Those playing holes out of regular order HAVE NO STANDING and must always give way to a properly constituted match.
  3. When players fail to keep their place and fall behind one clear hole, they MUST GIVE WAY and this should be done WITHOUT NECESSITY OF REQUEST.
  4. Players will, in case of a lost ball, allow those following to play through, and once committed, will refrain from playing until the match has passed.
  5. Players must replace divots, repair ball marks on the green, rake bunkers, place all refuse and litter in receptacles (this would include filter cigarette butts, beverage caps and other items of litter), and generally care for YOUR CLUB as you would your home.
  6. Always enter and leave bunkers from the low side, never the high side.
  7. When using a riding cart or push cart equipped with sand bottles for divot repair, please replace divots or use sand provided to fill divot hole.